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Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Sonia Brito PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sonia has been a highly credentialled athlete for many years and was formerly an athlete with Doncaster Athletic Club.  She competed in the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in the 400m Hurdles.  She retired from running virtually straight after this, and took up motherhood where she now has two young children. She contacted Nick in early June 2010 with a view to getting back into athletics and getting fit again.  She is scheduled to commence training on Wednesday 16/06/2010.

She does not intend to compete in amateur competition at this stage but hopes that the pros will keep her motivated and enjoying her athletics.  Her husband Murray Harding is a highly succesful middle distance runner in the pros ranks.


She sufffered a season ending injury at the beginning of returning to running and her prospects of returning to running are doubtful.  We hope she makes a healthy and speedy recovery and then returns to running.

Pro Debut - 2001 Rye 120m Womens.

Season 00/01
1st Rye 400m Womens/veterans,
3rd Rye 120m Womens.



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 18 January 2011 )
Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Carl Morehouse PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Friday, 04 June 2010

Carl is a well performed and talented athlete and in Mid May 2010 he joined the squad with his then training partner Adrian Mott.  Carl has resumed full training with no limitations.  He is, and will remain a member of the Sandringham Athletic Club.

At the completion of Season13/14 Carl decided to base his training closer to home at Sandringham and work under tuteledge of his brother Tom Morehouse. 

Debut - 2008 VRTA 200m

Season 09/10
2nd Burramine 120m Backmarkers Invite, 2nd Stawell Backmarkers Invite.

Season 10/11

1st VRTA 200m Backmarkers Invite.

2nd Ballarat 4x200m Relay 

Season 11/12

1st Burramine 120m Backmarkers Invite 

3rd Northcote 100m Gift, 3rd Stonnington 100m Backmarkers Invite

Season 12/13

1st VRTA 200m Gift, 1st Burnie 120m Backmarkers Invite, 1st Burramine 120m Backmarkers Invite


Season 13/14

1st Warrnambool 100m Gift, 1st Ballarat 4x200m Relay

2nd Terang 70m 

3rd Burnie 120m Gift 



Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 January 2021 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Adrian Mott PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Friday, 04 June 2010

Adrian is a well credentialled athlete with a very succesful history under his previous coach.  In the last two years he has been hampered by chronic tendonosis in both hamstrings which has severely hampered his performance in those two years.  In early May 2010 he contacted Nick to enquire about joining the squad.  He has since joined, but is still on an extensive rehabilatation program and has just resumed very light jogging. A focus on upperbody strength and core strength will replace his running program and lower limb weights program until his rehab is further advanced.  He is, and will remain a member of Essendon Athletic Club.

Pro Debut - 2004 Essendon 70m Novice.






Season 04/05
1st Essendon 70m Novice, 1st Rye 70m,

Season 05/06
1st Stawell 120m Gift

Season 06/07
1st Keilor Skins Invite.

Season 10/11
2nd Woodside 120m Gift, 2nd Stawell 120m Backmarkers Invite, 2nd Ballarat 4x200m Relay

Season 2011/2012
2nd Stonnington 100m Gift, 

3rd VRTA 200m Gift, 3rd Burnie 120m Gift, 

Season 2012/2013

2nd Burnie 120m Gift

3rd Stonnington 100m Backmarkers Invite




Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 April 2022 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) John Nicolosi PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Wednesday, 21 April 2010

John approached Nick at Stawell 2010 to join the team for season 2010/2011.  He had previously received guidance from Nick but was doing his own coaching.  He joined the team for one season and blended some correspondence coaching with team sessions to improve his performance.  He had a good year despite many personal interuptions.  He is now very busy with work commitments and it is difficult for him to coninue training with the squad.  He is now doing his own coaching but has received some continued guidance from Nick.  He remains strong friends with the team.

He is a member of Ringwood Athletic Club.

Pro Debut - 2009 Daylesford 70m.

Season 08/09
2nd Burramine Novice & U/21 100m, 2nd Stawell Novice 100m.

Season 09/10
1st Maryborough Novice 70m.

Season 10/11
3rd Bay Sheffield 120m Restricted.

Last Updated ( Friday, 10 April 2015 )
Profile - Cameron Yorke PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Cameron is a well credentialled athlete from WA.  He contacted Nick a month prior to Stawell 2010 to discuss joing the team for season 2010/2011.  He was considering retirng but wasn't sure because he was still performing well in competition.  He believed the focus by the team on amos and pros across varying distances would suit him. 

Cameron did not compete in the pros in 2014/2015 

Pro Debut - 1999 York 70m.

Season 1999/2000
1st York (WA) 70m.

Season 00/01
1st Dockers (WA) 120m, 1st Mullewa (WA) 120m
2nd York (WA) 70m, 

Season 01/02
1st Dockers (WA) 550m

Season 02/03
1st Stawell 400m Backmarkers.
2nd Dardanup (WA) 550m.

Season 03/04
1st Wanneroo (WA) 1000m, 1st Burnie 70m.
3rd Dardanup (WA) 550m.

Season 04/05
1st Essendon 70m, 1st Mullewa (WA) 70m.
3rd Mullewa (WA) 120m, 3rd Dardanup (WA) 70m, 3rd Dardanup (WA) 550m

Season 05/06
1st Burnie (TAS) 120m Gift.

Season 06/07
3rd Bay Sheffield (SA) 550m,

Season 07/08
1st Ararat 400m, 1st Mullewa (WA) 70m,
3rd Waikiki (WA) 110m, 3rd Dardanup (WA) 550m,

Season 08/09
1st Bay Sheffield (SA) 70m,  1st Hobart (TAS) 100m,
2nd Mullewa (WA) 120m, 2nd Dardanup (WA) 120m, 2nd Dardanup (WA) 550m, 2nd Burnie (TAS)  120m Gift, 2nd Sandringham 100m Gift.

Season 09/10
2nd Mullewa (WA) 550m, 2nd Stawell 550m.

Season 10/11
1st Pre Stawell Dandenong 440 yards Invite,
3rd Noble Park 120m Gift, 3rd Noble Park 300m,

Season 11/12

1st Avondale Heights 800m

3rd Ballarat 300m Veterans, 3rd Ballarat 4x200m Relay

Season 12/13

1st Warragul 800m 

2nd Bay Sheffield 120m Veterans, 2nd Bay Sheffield 550m Veterans.

3rd VRTA 300m Veterans


Season 13/14

1st Warragul 300m Veterans, 1st Ballarat 4x200m Relay

2nd VRTA 300m Veterans, 2nd VRTA Medley Relay

3rd Warragul 550m, 


Season 16/17

1st Northcote 100m Veterans, 1st Rye 800m, 1st Yarra Ranges 550m,

2nd Northcote 400m, 2nd Wangaratta 300m Veterans, 2nd Bendigo 300m Veterans, 2nd Euroa 300m Womens/Veterans, 2nd Ringwood 400m Gift, 

3rd Wangaratta 120m Veterans, 3rd Yarra Ranges 300m Veterans,


Season 17/18

1st Sandringham 300m Women's/Veterans, 1st Bay Sheffield 550m Veterans, 


Season 20/21

1st Ringwood 400m Gift,  

3rd Stawell 400m Frontmarkers

Awarded VRTA Masters Performance of the Year (Ringwood 400m Gift). 


Season 21/22

2nd Bendigo 800m 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 March 2022 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Melissa Parkes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Melissa Parkes returned to athletics in Season 2009/2010 after retiring for about ten years to perform motherhood duties.  She joined the team with a view to again enjoying her athletics and getting fit again to be competitive.    She made her first final since returning from retirement in the St. Bernards Womens 70m.  She has an impressive athletic record before retiring with much pro success.  She was predominantly a long jumper in amateur athletics.

She then stopped again for a few seasons due to personal commitments.

Pro Debut : 1993 Fitzroy-Northcote 100m Womens.

Season 93/94.
1st Rye 100m Womens, 1st Moe 100m Womens, 1st Brighton 100m Womens,
3rd Prahran 100m Womens, 3rd Ararat 100m Womens, 3rd Albion 100m Womens.

Season 94/95.
1st Broadford 120m Womens,
2nd Caulfield 120m Womens.

Season 96/97
1st Parade College 70m Womens, 1st North Ringwood 120m Womens,

Season 97/98
3rd Tullamarine Open 70m, 3rd Maribyrnong 300m Womens,

Season 00/01
1st Strath Creek 70m Womens, 1st VRTA 300m Womens, 1st Rye Open 70m, 1st Wesley College 70m Open, 1st sandringham 70m Open,
2nd Mitchell Shire 400Womens/Veterans.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 02 November 2014 )
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