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Friday, 24 November 2017
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Record Holder - Hayley Atkins 7 (2012/2013), Kasey Moore 7 (2013/2014).

2016/2017 Title Holder - Mark Volpe (4)


Season 2017/2018 Spanner Club -

Mark Volpe 3

Nick Antonio 4

Claire Hurley 2

Dion Paul 1 




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Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Tamika Johnston PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tamika joined the team in 03/04.  She had previously commenced her athletics under the guidance of Dave Krushka in TAS where she enjoyed great success and improved dramatically.  She later left Dave and went to Vic for work committments where she joined Jim Bradley.  Unfortunately for her she had an extremely disappointing season for numerous reasons and could not run anywhere near as fast as she had previously.  At the completion of that season she joined  the team and an extensive task was undertaken to reduce her weight and improve her condition.   This proved to be quite successful where she opened the amateur season with 12.0HH in October.  She then went on to run 3rd in the rich Rye Womens 120m.  A couple of weeks later she showed more speed where she led Katerina Dressler over 100m by 3.5m before doing her hamstring 30m from the line.  Dressler went on to run 12.0HH.  Tamika's speed had clearly returned but she continued to be hampered with soft tissue injury and hardly competed again that season.  At the completion of the season she returned to TAS for work committments and joined Graham Haskell where she returned to good form.  She continues to have a strong relationship with members of the team.

She has now retired from athletics and is now a proud mum.

 Tamika (white) winning her heat in the 2003/2004 Womens Rye 120m.

  Tamika (3rd) with Kim (2nd) after presentation in the 2003/2004 Rye Womens 120m Final.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 23 September 2008 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Claire Hogden PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
Claire was a talented junior athlete who made her pro debut at Ringwood in the Womens 100m in 01/02 where she finished 3rd in the final.  She won the U/21 race that day but unfortunately has not competed since and no longer competes in athletics due to her study committments.  As a 16yr old that season she ran 100m in 12.5HH and recorded a long jump of 5.35.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 May 2012 )
Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Cherico Detenamo PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
Cherico was living temporarily in Australia, however he was from Nauru.  He joined the Ringwood Athletic Club whilst he was in Australia and was introduced to pro running by Nick Fiedler.  He had his first pro start in the VRTA 70m.  Although he did not compete very often whilst in Australia he had fond memories of his athletics before returning home.  He ran 3rd in the Parade Gift Final and 2nd in the Parade 70m Final of that year aswell.  Despite his powerful build  he was able to complete the 100m fairly quickly running 10.9HH for the 100m.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 September 2008 )
Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Kristen Davey PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
Kristen joined the team in season 02/03 and made her pro debut at VRTA Epping in the 70m.  She did compete in amateur competition and recorded a time of 14.1 HH over 100m.  She retired during the season and travelled overseas for work committments.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 September 2008 )
Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Claire Aitchison PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
Claire was formerly coached by Darryl Nettleton who recommended that she join Nick Fiedler when in Melbourne.  She had tasted success with Nettleton on the pro circuit with her biggest win probably being the Womens 120m at Temora (NSW).  She had had a few years off and joined the team in 2004/2005 where she competed for only one season.  She had a dual focus for training to include speed for athletics and also for touch rugby where she was vying for state team selection.   During the season she did improve her speed and finished a close 2nd in the St.Bernards Womens 120m and a few weeks later she made the rich Ballarat Womens 120m final.  She did not compete again in the pros that season after successfully being selected in the Victorian Touch Team.  She never competed in amateur competition, however her racing and training assessments suggested a time of about 12.5 HH for 100m.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 September 2008 )
Former Athlete Profile - Tamsyn Lewis (Manou) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tamsyn approached Nick at the Bay Sheffield in season 04/05 to do some training with him.

She completed numerous sessions in that January with the team where she responded quickly running 52.4 shortly after.  Training with the squad ceased shortly after that and her times did not really improve for the remainder of the season.  However, she did go on to win the National 400m title.

She changed coaches from Roy Boyd to her brother Justin Lewis the next season and as part of her training program she completed 3 or 4 days a week throughout the pre-season and season, with Nick Fiedler and the team.  She posted her fastest time pre-christmas that she has ever done that season.

Whilst linked with team she made the final of the Womens 400m at Stawell in 04/05 along with 400m at Wangaratta and Bendigo.  She won the Womens 400m at Epping 05/06 year and ran a close 2nd in the Womens 120m at Geelong.

She responded well to her brother Justin Lewis, and she responded well to the training work and environment of the team.  She now trains closer to home with another group of runners which is more convenient and appropriate for herself and her coach Justin.  She continues to do have strong ties and friendship with the team.

  Tamsyn at 2005/2006 VRTA 400m presentation with Cara and Anne taking the minor placings.

Her achievements whilst with the team include :

Season 04/05
2nd Wangaratta Womens 400m.

Season 05/06
1st VRTA Womens 400m,
2nd Geelong Womens 120m, 2nd Ringwood Womens 100m.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 January 2016 )
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