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Friday, 24 November 2017
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Record Holder - Hayley Atkins 7 (2012/2013), Kasey Moore 7 (2013/2014).

2016/2017 Title Holder - Mark Volpe (4)


Season 2017/2018 Spanner Club -

Mark Volpe 3

Nick Antonio 4

Claire Hurley 2

Dion Paul 1 




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Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Kate Marriott PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
Kate only ran in 1 pro race which was in the U/17's at Stawell where she won the girls division in 1998.  She was an extremely talented junior who recorded a best of 64.14 (e) for the 400m Hurdles.  Unfortunately she seriously damaged her ankle warming up at a schools meet by stepping in the pole vault ditch.  She has never competed since.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 September 2008 )
Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Mareike Kern (Neugebauer) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
Mareike is a talented and extremely strong junior athlete who joined the team in 02/03 whilst on student exchange from Germany.  She lived with Anne and Nick Fiedler during the latter part of her stay in Australia.  When she arrived in Australia she arrived with strong symptoms of a stress fracture in her leg.  She made her pro debut at VRTA Epping where she ran 2nd in the 300m Novice and 3rd in the U/21 sprint.  Subsequent diagnosis revealled that she did have a stress fracture and rest was immediately undertaken.  She returned at the end of the season where she ran at Tullamarine and won the U/21 sprint.  She then played soccer and was the main striker. The team won the premiership and she then returned to Germany.  Her main event was the 400 Hurdles where she has recorded junior times of 64.1HH.  Whilst in Australia she was encouraged to take up the heptathlon when she got home.  Despite initially dismissing this she has now competed in numerous heptathlons where she is doing very well.  She continues to have a strong relationship with team members.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 November 2012 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Jim Karambelas PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Jim joined the team in season 03/04 but did not compete until season 04/05 where he made his pro debut in the 100m at Cranbourne.

Jim continued to improve during the season making his first final at Mitchell Shire in the Novice 400m.  He later came 3rd in the Bay Sheffield O/35's 120m but his major improvement was evident in the 400m Novice at Keilor where he ran a close 2nd in a fairly fast time.  He continued that form going on to win the 400m Novice at Bendigo and then run a close 3rd in the 400m Frontmarkers at Stawell.

Jim's Win

Jim came from a football background with a limited involvement in athletics which mainly focussed on high jump.

He has had an interupted pre-season this year, with extensive work commitments, family commitments etc and a successful season would not be expected at this stage.

Jim is not registered with an amateur club but has previously run for Ringwood.

Pro Debut : Season 04/05 Cranbourne 100m Open.

His achievements include :

Season 04/05 :
1st Bendigo Novice 400m,
2nd Keilor Novice 400m,
3rd Stawell Frontmarkers 400m, 3rd Bay Sheffield Veterans 120m.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 05 May 2011 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Tom Bond PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tom joined the team at the completion of the 2006/2007 athletics season.  He enjoyed the new training structure and also lost substantial kilograms in his first pre-season demonstrating a strong improvement prospect.  

He has ceased competition and training due to other interests and commitments.  He is a drummer in a band which plays in metropolitan Melbourne.  He maintains regular contact with the team and continues to support the team members and attend team social events.  He has resumed training in an attempt to regain some fitness.

He remains eligible for novice events.

He was a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

Pro Debut :  2007/2008 Northcote 70m Novice.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 June 2010 )
Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Chris Ferreria PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Chris has been a long servant of pro running and amateur running.  He has had extensive success as an amateur athlete with the Box Hill Athletic Club and has also been successful in the pro ranks with wins including the Bendigo Gift and Keilor Gift.  Chris is predominantly a 100m sprinter, however can run fairly well over the 200m distance aswell.

After the Bay Sheffield in season 04/05 he contacted Nick Fiedler and joined the team.  He was initially under a 28 day suspension for accepting in the invitation backmarkers at the Bay Sheffield but was unable to take his place in the race due to severe cramping.  Upon return to racing he took a while to find his feet, but started to show some form at Noble Park and Burramine where he made both Gift finals.

He has had an extensive winter preperation, however he unfortunately suffered a major setback at the Bay Sheffield in 05/06 where after he made a blinding start in the heat of the 70m and had the field already covered after 15m when he broke down.  Examination appears to be multiple tears through the glute, hamstring and adductor. 

He did not race after that injury until Ringwood 06/07 where he was clearly lacking confidence and conditioning.  He is on a very limited training programme due to work and family committments and to also ensure a similar injury does not occur again.  Hopefully he can recapture some of the form that he showed glimpses of just before he got injured in the coming seasons before he retires.

He is not registered with any amatuer club but was formerly with Box Hill Athletic Club.

Pro Debut : 1993 Caulfield 120m Gift.

Season 06/07 :
Limited competition.

Season 05/06 :
Limited competition.

Season 04/05 :
3rd Mitchell Shire 120m Gift, 3rd Noble Park 120m Gift,

Season 98/99 :
2nd Rye 70m,
3rd Ringwood 120m Gift,

Season 94/95 :
1st Keilor 120m Gift, 1st Sunbury 100m Gift.
2nd Maryborough 120m Gift,
3rd Tullamarine 120m Gift, 3rd Rye 120m Gift, 3rd Prahran 100m Gift.

Season 93/94 :
1st Caulfield 120m Gift, 1st Oakleigh 120m Gift, 1st Bendigo 120m Gift,
3rd Tullamarine 120m Gift,

Also winner of Stawell 120m Backmarkers Invitation. (Year to be determined).

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 September 2008 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Emma Poynton PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Emma approached Nick Fiedler nearing the end of Season 05/06 to see whether she could train with him.  She was moving work locations to the Eastern suburbs and she wished to make her athletics also fit in with her career.

She was previously coached by Terry McGarity and John Henry where she had much success.

Since joing the team her success has continued going on to make the Stawell final another two times from lesser marks and also gone on to win a further 11 races.

She showed a tremendous training ethic and improved dramatically to run from much lesser marks in her latter years whilst still continuing her success.  Her team focus and commitment is outstanding.

She was diagnosed with a career ending foot problem at the end of season 2008 and has had surgery to rectify that problem but the risks of further injury are too great to justify a return to athletics competition.

As a result she has taken up the sport of curling, and is learning the ropes witha view to international competition.

Although not training or competing in athletics she remains a team member of the squad.

 Emma with her mum at 2008/2009 Wanganui Womens 110m presentation.

  Emma st Stawell 2007/2008.

She is a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

Pro Debut : Womens 400m at Tullamarine in 1997.

Her achievements include :

Season 07/08 :
1st Dandeonong Womens/Veterans 300m, 1st Cranbourne Womens 400m, 1st Maryborough Womens 400m, 1st Ararat Womens 100m, 1st Keilor Womens 400m, 1st Wanganui Womens 110m, 1st St.Bernards Womens 300m.
2nd Geelong Greyhounds Womens 300m, 2nd Ringwood Womens 100m, 2nd Wanganui Womens 1600m, 2nd St.Bernards Womens 120m.

Season 06/07 :
1st Zatopek Open 400m, 1st Ringwood Womens 100m, 1st Casey Womens 120m, 1st Geelong Womens 100m.
3rd Cranbourne Womens 100m.

Season 05/06 :
1st Wallan Womens 100m, 1st Noble Park Womens 120m,
3rd St.Bernards Womens 120m, 3rd Stawell Womens 400m,

Season 04/05 :
1st Dandeonong Womens 300m, 1st Ararat Womens 100m, 1st Stawell Womens 400m,
2nd Sandringham Womens 400m, 2nd Keilor Womens 400m, 2nd Heidleberg W/V/N 400m,
3rd Maryborough Womens 120m, 3rd Maryborough Womens 400m, 3rd Geelong Womens 120m,

Season 02/03 :
1st Sandringham W/V/N 400m, 1st Ballarat W/V/N 400m,

A full list of her achievements is still being compiled.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 November 2010 )
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