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Friday, 24 November 2017
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Record Holder - Hayley Atkins 7 (2012/2013), Kasey Moore 7 (2013/2014).

2016/2017 Title Holder - Mark Volpe (4)


Season 2017/2018 Spanner Club -

Mark Volpe 3

Nick Antonio 4

Claire Hurley 2

Dion Paul 1 




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Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Esther Mistarz PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Esther joined the squad in 2007 and found the new training program totally different and demanding then her previous training program.  She had an interest in 100m, Long Jump and 100m Hurdles.  Due to her Year 12 committments she had a limited pre season that year and her other interests have become a greater priority.  She is no longer competing or training.

She was a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

She remains eligible for novice events.

 Esther with Belinda at 2007/2008 Stawell.

Pro Debut : 2007/2008 Dandenong 300m Womens/Veterans.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 June 2010 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Karri Butterworth PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Karri is still studying at school and has had extensive time off from athletics due to previous stress fractures in her feet.  She is a jumper and the rehabilitation has been a long process to get her back to athletics.

She approached Nick Fiedler at the end of Season 2006/2007 to join the team and resurrect her athletics passion.  Rehabilitation has continued whilst also trying to improve her fitness and change her running biomechanics.  Initial changes appear to be effective.

She is a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

Karri is eligible for novice events.

Pro Debut : 2008 Daylesford 100m Womens

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 14 April 2010 )
Former Athlete Profile - Kendra Hubbard PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Kendra is a talented 100m sprinter.  During Season 2006/2007 she approached Nick Fiedler to train with him after being trained at the Doncaster Athletic Club for the two seasons before that.  Despite running with Doncaster for three years, she was formerly a Ringwood athlete.  In her first seasoon with her new training environment whilst also undergoing the difficulties of her VCE year she posted impressive results including PB's over 400m.

In season 2009/2010 she again recorded impressive victories including the rich Lithgow Womens GIft in NSW, and then after taking heavy penalties in handicap was still able to finsish 2nd at Stawell and Ballarat in the Womens Gifts.

She continued from strength to strength where she also recorded impressive PB"s in the 100m and 200m and made finals and placing at both of the Victorian and National Championships.

Kendra competed with Doncaster in her first year under the guidance of Nick but is now registered with Ringwood Athletic Club for amateur competition.

In January 2014 she began training at a location more convenient to her residence giving her more time, and removing regular travel in her training commitments. Her partner John Nicolosi then formed a coach/athlete partnership.  She remains very good friends with the squad and Nick.

I  Kendra at Ringwood 70m Novice Presentation 2008/2009.











 Pro debut : 2005 Stawell Womens U17 100m.

Season 2007/2008 :
1st Ringwood Novice 70m.
2nd Bendigo Womens 120m.

Season 2008/2009 :
1st Melbourne Open 120m Gift, 1st Northcote Open 70m,
2nd Dandenong Womens/Veterans 300m, 2nd Melbourne Open 70m, 2nd Northcote Womens/veterans 300m,
3rd Keilor U21 120m, 3rd Bendigo Womens 120m, 3rd Stawell Womens 120m,

Season 09/10
1st Peninsula 70m Open, 1st Peninsula 400m Womens, 1st Lithgow 120m Womens Gift, Euroa Open 70m, 1st Burramine Womens/Vets 300m,
2nd Mt.Gambier Womens 120m Gift, 2nd Keilor U21 120m, 2nd Keilor Open 70m, 2nd Stawell 120m Womens Gift, 2nd Ballarat 120m Womens Gift.
3rd VRTA Open 70m, 
Winner of the VRTA Female Athlete of the Year.
Winner of the Australian Athletic Confederation Athlete of the Year.

Season 2010/2011
2nd Northcote 300m Womens/Veterans, 2nd Woodside 120m Womens, 2nd Ballarat 120m Womens, 
3rd Bay Sheffield Womens 120m, 3rd Maryborough 70m Womens, 3rd Bendigo 120m Womens,

Season 2011/2012
1st VRTA Womens 200m,1st Bay Sheffield Womens 120m,
2nd Gippsland Open 70m, 2nd Gippsland Australian Womens 120m Championship, 2nd St Bernards 70m Women,

3rd Stonnington Womens 100m

Season 2012/2013

1st Burramine 300m Womens/Veterans, 1st Stawell 400m Women,

2nd Burnie 120m Womens GIft, 2nd Albury 300m Womens/Veterans

3rd VRTA Medley Relay, 3rd St Albans 300m Open 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 January 2016 )
Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Sam Jamieson PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Sam is a talented sprinter, who tasted huge success in his first year under the guidance of Jim Bradley where he won the rich 70m Don Furness Memorial.  After another two years with limited success he decided to make a change.

At the completion of Season 2006/2007 he contacted Nick Fiedler asking if he would be interested in training him.  A training structure was co-ordinated to overcome the geographic difficulties, with training being primarily in the Eastern suburbs yet Sam lived in Williamstown on the other side of town. The training program was designed and structured to ensure all components of the training program could still be achieved despite the geographic difficulties.

Sam had significant strength gains through the pre-season and this allowed much more time during the season to focus on speed development and technical changes which culminated in him improving dramatically, particularly in the month and half leading into Stawell where he then went on to win the Stawell Gift.

After winning the Stawell Gift, he began to capture other interests and although he maintained some training for the following season, followed by a small amount of underdone competition, he decided that he did not want to compete if he wasn't totally committed to his training.  He wanted to pursue other interests which were not condusive to a completely committed training program.  This was a big decision for him to undertake knowing that he was clocked over 100m at 10.1 HH and 10.2 HH in the weeks leading into his Stawell win.  He was fully aware of his potential but also understood the committment to fully realise it and maintain it.  He knew his commitment was not strong enough to pursue that, and he had to balance the limited reward that running provides compared to all the effort.   This was the factor in his decision despite being encouraged by Nick to be coached elsewhere, or any other alterantive arrangement to ensure he remained in athletics.  However, he was happy with his coaching and environment, but he could not fuly commit to training, no matter what the environment or coaching structure was and he decided to retire from athletics.  He currently plays social basketball.    Whilst he still remains young we hope he changes his mind and finds the inner motivation and time to again compete and again realise his potential despite already climbing the pinnacle of pro running.

He maintains a strong friendship with Nick and the team and still attends team social events and the odd training session to feed his spasmodic fitness desires.

Sam contacted Nick in April 2010 to return to training with a view to competing again. 

 Sam winning the 2007/2008 Stawell Gift.

 Front view of the finish.

 Sam at 2007/2008 Stawell Gift presentation




Sam is a member of the Williamstown Athletic Club.

Pro Debut : Season 2004/2005 Nortchote 70m Open.

His achievements include : 


Season 2013/2014 :

1st Ballarat 4x200m Relay 

2nd Avondale Heights 70m Don Furness, 2nd Bendigo 120m Gift

3rd Ballarat 120m Gift, 3rd Stawell 120m Gift.

Season 2012/2013 :

1st Stonnington 100m Backmarkers Invite


Season 2011/2012 :

1st Gippsland 70m Skins, 1st Stonnington 100m Backmarkers, 1st Keilor 70m Skins

2nd Rye 70m

3rd Wangaratta 120m Gift. 

Season 2007/2008 :
1st Stawell 120m Gift.

Season 2006/2007 :

Season 2005/2006 :

Season 2004/2005 :
1st Northcote 70m Open, 1st St.Bernards Don Furness 70m Open.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 12 March 2017 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Sally Jamieson-Marr PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Sally joined the team in season 03/04 but did not compete until 04/05.  She made her pro debut at Northcote in the Novice 70m.  She didn't enjoy much success in her formative years for various reasons.

It was difficult for her to train with the squad because she lived in Williamstown and the team generally train at Ringwood.  She had extensive school and work commitments which also hampered her training. 

In 2007/2008 she committed more strongly to training and had improved results across the board, running her best over all distances up to and including 400m and also performing PB"s in the long jump and 400m Hurdles.   She also had the honour of making pro finals at major events in Victoria, ACT, SA and NSW in the same season.

She lost focus since season 2007/2008 but remained with the squad for many of the following seasons however without really training.  She then training under the guidance of her father on a limited commitment level.

During Season 14/15 Sally rejoined the squad and commenced training with a view to getting fit again after giving birth to her first child. 

She is a member of the Williamstown Athletic Club.

  Sally Jamieson after winning the Bendigo 400m Women's

Sally at 2007/2008 Bendigo Womens 400m presentation.

Pro Debut : Season 04/05  Nortchote Novice 70m.

Season 2007/2008 :

1st Noble Park 100m Novice, 1st Bendigo Womens 400m.

2nd Ringwood 70m Novice, 2nd Ballarat Womens 120m, 2nd Stawell Womens 120m.

3rd Rye 70m Novice.

Last Updated ( Friday, 08 January 2016 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Injured) Darren Naismith PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Darren joined the team in season 2005/2006 and made his pro debut in the 550m at Dandenong.

Darren has a fantastic work ethic and strives for more and more work at training.  He regularly needs to be told to ease back on rep work so he can complete the sets.

He has come from a triathlon and football backgound and has improved dramatically since joining the team.  He has lost 10kgs since joining.

He is a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

Pro Debut : Season 05/06  Dandenong 550m.

Season 2007/2008 :
3rd : VRTA 400m Novice, 3rd Casey 1600m Novice.

Season 2008/2009 :
2nd Keilor 400m Novice
3rd Northcote 400m Novice, 3rd Wangaratta 400m, 3rd St.Albans 1600m Novice,

Season 2009/2010 :
1st Peninsula 400m Novice, 1st Wangaratta 800m,1st Stawell 550m, 1st Stawell 400m Frontmarkers.
2nd Bendigo 800m, 2nd Burramine Novice 400m, 2nd Ballarat Backmarkers 800m,
3rd VRTA 400m Novice, 3rd Ringwood 400m Gift, 3rd Keilor 400m, 3rd Noble Park 300m,
Winner of Bruce Walker Trophy for best performances over 400m, 550m and 800m at Stawell.
Winner of VRTA Middle Distance Athlete of the Year.

Season 2010/2011 :
3rd Euroa 550m,

Season 2011/2012
1st Warragul 300m Veterans, 1st Bay Sheffield 550m Veterans, 1st Euroa 300m Wom/Vets,
2nd Keilor 800m, 
3rd Northcote 300m Womens/Veterans, 3rd Warragul 550m, 3rd Rye 800m, 3rd Albury 400m, 3rd Keilor 400m

Season 2012/2013

2nd Burramine 800m,

3rd VRTA Medley Relay 



3rd Wangaratta 800m, 3rd Keilor 800m, 3rd Stawell 1600m Frontmarkers, 

Last Updated ( Sunday, 12 March 2017 )
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