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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Record Holder - Hayley Atkins 7 (2012/2013), Kasey Moore 7 (2013/2014).

2016/2017 Title Holder - Mark Volpe (4)


Season 2017/2018 Spanner Club -

Mark Volpe 3

Nick Antonino 7

Claire Hurley 2

Dion Paul 2

Luke Mitchell 2

Max Punchihewa 2 

Cassie Anderson 1

Harvey Anderson 1 




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Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Emma Poynton PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Emma approached Nick Fiedler nearing the end of Season 05/06 to see whether she could train with him.  She was moving work locations to the Eastern suburbs and she wished to make her athletics also fit in with her career.

She was previously coached by Terry McGarity and John Henry where she had much success.

Since joing the team her success has continued going on to make the Stawell final another two times from lesser marks and also gone on to win a further 11 races.

She showed a tremendous training ethic and improved dramatically to run from much lesser marks in her latter years whilst still continuing her success.  Her team focus and commitment is outstanding.

She was diagnosed with a career ending foot problem at the end of season 2008 and has had surgery to rectify that problem but the risks of further injury are too great to justify a return to athletics competition.

As a result she has taken up the sport of curling, and is learning the ropes witha view to international competition.

Although not training or competing in athletics she remains a team member of the squad.

 Emma with her mum at 2008/2009 Wanganui Womens 110m presentation.

  Emma st Stawell 2007/2008.

She is a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

Pro Debut : Womens 400m at Tullamarine in 1997.

Her achievements include :

Season 07/08 :
1st Dandeonong Womens/Veterans 300m, 1st Cranbourne Womens 400m, 1st Maryborough Womens 400m, 1st Ararat Womens 100m, 1st Keilor Womens 400m, 1st Wanganui Womens 110m, 1st St.Bernards Womens 300m.
2nd Geelong Greyhounds Womens 300m, 2nd Ringwood Womens 100m, 2nd Wanganui Womens 1600m, 2nd St.Bernards Womens 120m.

Season 06/07 :
1st Zatopek Open 400m, 1st Ringwood Womens 100m, 1st Casey Womens 120m, 1st Geelong Womens 100m.
3rd Cranbourne Womens 100m.

Season 05/06 :
1st Wallan Womens 100m, 1st Noble Park Womens 120m,
3rd St.Bernards Womens 120m, 3rd Stawell Womens 400m,

Season 04/05 :
1st Dandeonong Womens 300m, 1st Ararat Womens 100m, 1st Stawell Womens 400m,
2nd Sandringham Womens 400m, 2nd Keilor Womens 400m, 2nd Heidleberg W/V/N 400m,
3rd Maryborough Womens 120m, 3rd Maryborough Womens 400m, 3rd Geelong Womens 120m,

Season 02/03 :
1st Sandringham W/V/N 400m, 1st Ballarat W/V/N 400m,

A full list of her achievements is still being compiled.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 November 2010 )
Former Athlete Profile (Retired) - Kimberley Meagher PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Kim is definately one of the quiet achievers of the team.  She is diligent in her training and quite often you wouldn't notice she is there, but she is regularly working away with not much to say.

She was originally a 100m hurdler and long jumper with the Ringwood AC.

She has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

She was introduced to po running by Nick Fiedler in 97/98 and after making a few finals she pursued other goals and left the running scene to travel overseas.

Upon return she had lost much condition and it wasn't until a phone call from Nick Fiedler sprung her back into action.  He had demanded to see her back at training the next night.  She returned to training the next night and hasn't looked back since making constant improvement over all distances.  Initially there was no requirement to return to amateur competetion which she had lost her passion for, but after a season she was encouraged to embrace amateur comp aswell and has returned to this racing format aswell.

Kim retired at the completion of Rye 07 where she made the final of the womens 120m where she had been runner up in the 3 previous years.  She then went overseas but has now returned and commenced training recently to keep fit.  Who knows, she might reconsider her retirement to compete again this season.

She is a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.


 Kim after winning the 2002/2003 Stawell Womens 100m. (With Anne, Alice, Katie and Nick).

Pro Debut : 1997 Strath Creek Womens 100m.

Her acheivements include :

Season 06/07 :
1st Whyalla Womens 120m.
2nd Dandenong Womens/Vets 300m, 2nd Maryborough Womens 120m.

Season 05/06 :
1st Noble Park Open 70m.

Season 04/05
1st Bendigo Womens 120m, 1st Bay Sheffield Womens 70m,
2nd Rye Womens 120m, 2nd Ballarat Womens 120m.
3rd Bay Sheffield Womens 120m,
Winner of Frank McHugh Trophy for best athlete of Bay Sheffield Carnival.
Winner of Stawell "Fashions on the Field".

Season 03/04
1st Stawell Womens 400m, 1st Ballarat Frontmarkers 400m.
2nd Bendigo Womens 400m, 2nd Rye Womens 120m

Season 02/03
1st Stawell Womens 100m, 1st Moonee Valley Womens 200m.
2nd Rye Womens 120m, 2nd Ringwood Womens 100m,
3rd Bright Womens 120m.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 April 2009 )
Former athlete Profile - Andrew Wilcox PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Andrew is a well established athlete who has tasted much success as an amateur and professional athlete.  He approached Nick Fiedler at the completion of Season 2006/2007 with a view to changing his training program and re-inventing himself for his future athletics pursuits.  In 2007/2008 season he had a major injury blow at Latrobe in December where he ruptured his achilles.  He has rehabilited his achilles, but does have some ongoing complications.  He finished up with the team in the following season moving on to do his own training and programme.

He is a member of the Box Hill Athletic Club.

Pro Debut : Torquay 400m in 1992.

His achievements include :

(A full summary is being prepared).

Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 November 2014 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Tiwana Merritt PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tiwana has had a limited track and field background but has played extensive basketball throughout her life and continued to play basketball.  She enjoys all sports and her occupation is an Outdoor Education and Lifeskills Teacher based at Marlo.

Tiwana joined Team Fiedler in June 2007 with a view to getting fit and resurrecting her athletics passion.

She enjoyed her first year with reasonable success making three individual finals at Stawell (Novice 100m, Womens 120m, and Womens 400m).  She also made a number of other major finals including VRTA Womens 400m, Mt.Gambier Womens 120m, Rye Womens 400m, Ringwood Womens 400m, Ballarat Womens 120m, Keilor Womens 120m, Keilor Womens 400m, Bendigo Womens 120m, Bendigo Womens 400m, St.Bernards Womens 120m.

She was a member of the Williamstown Athletic Club.

In August 2008 whilst playing basketball she landed awkwardly and ruptured her achilles.  She requried surgery followed by extesnive rehab before there is any prospect of her returning to the track in the near future.

Although not currently training or competing she still has close ties with the team and is still part of the social team events.

Tiwana has resumed training whilst living in remote Marlo in Victoria's far East.  She hopes to resume some fitness, compete when she can and hopefully again become competitive.

 Tiwana before the 2007/2008 Stawell 100m Novice Final.

She is eligible for novice events.

 Tiwana winning her heat of the Womens 400m at Stawell 2007/2008.

Pro Debut  : 2007/2008 Dandenong 300m Womens/Veterans.

Season 07/08
2nd Keilor Womens 120m,


Season 12/13

3rd Burnie Maiden 90m

Last Updated ( Monday, 30 December 2013 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Max Lacey PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Max is a young athlete who has developed well into a good 400m runner.  He has had a history of foot problems where he has had a pin inserted in his foot to maintain a firm skeletal structure and prevent further damage.

He joined the squad at the beginning of 2007/2008 season and has enjoyed both the training and competition. He has responded well to the training structure and has a tough training ethic demonstrating his "never say die" approach to racing. 

After a highly succesful season in 2008/2009 he missed most of season 2009/2010 with work commitments and a bad back.  Despite missing most of the year he did post PB's in the 100m, 200m and 400m in his mited period of competition.  He hopes to be able to train and compete more in the upcoming season.

He is a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

Pro Debut : 2007 Dandenong 300m.

Season 2009/2010 :

3rd Peninsula 400m,  


Season 2008/2009 :

1st Northcote 400m Novice, 1st Stawell Restricted Novice and U21 400m, 1st Stawell Open Backmarkers 400m,


Season 2007/2008 :

NIl Placings.


Last Updated ( Monday, 14 March 2016 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Esther Mistarz PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Esther joined the squad in 2007 and found the new training program totally different and demanding then her previous training program.  She had an interest in 100m, Long Jump and 100m Hurdles.  Due to her Year 12 committments she had a limited pre season that year and her other interests have become a greater priority.  She is no longer competing or training.

She was a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

She remains eligible for novice events.

 Esther with Belinda at 2007/2008 Stawell.

Pro Debut : 2007/2008 Dandenong 300m Womens/Veterans.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 June 2010 )
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