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Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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Record Holder - Hayley Atkins 7 (2012/2013), Kasey Moore 7 (2013/2014).

2016/2017 Title Holder - Mark Volpe (4)


Season 2017/2018 Spanner Club -

Mark Volpe 3

Nick Antonio 4

Claire Hurley 2

Dion Paul 1 




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Former Athlete Profile - (Injured) Alice Platten PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Monday, 25 August 2008

Alice joined the squad after running in amateur competition with Springvale.  She approached Nick Fiedler hoping to change coaches after being disgruntled with her performances whilst at Springvale.  She was ultimately accepted and joined the squad and Ringwood AC.  She arrived as a 400m runner who had not broken 62secs for 400m, or 27secs for 200m.   She stated that she did not like 100m races but she was told that they were a fundamental aspect of 400m preparation.

She has made massive improvements over all distances including the 100m where she has run PB's every season since joining.  She has also been persuaded to embrace the 800m as another potential event and she has now adapted to that event aswell to improve her event range.  She has continued to improve her PB's over every distance from 100m to 800m every season since joining and is now a nationally ranked 400m and 800m runner.

She has fitted in well to the team since joining, albeit, sometimes she needs to watch how much noise she makes, she is definately a social butterfly.  She has taken on the role of a being the team social secretary and is quite often responsible for finalising the team uniforms and outings.


After many seasons she then added the 1500m to her list of events which she has the versatility to compete at a high level. 

 Alice at 2007/2008 Stawell Womens 400m presentation.


Alice (Blue) winning the 2007/2008 Stawell Womens 400m with Cara (Red) flashing home for 2nd. Celia (Black), Emma (Grey) and Tiwana (Yellow) can also be seen featuring in the final.

She is a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

Pro Debut : Season 03/04 Cranbourne Womens 100m.

 Alice in action against the guys in the final of the 2007/2008 Stawell 400m Frontmarkers.

Her acheivements include :

Season 03/04
1st Bright Womens 400m
2nd Devonport Maiden 200m.

Season 04/05
3rd Wangaratta Womens 400m
3rd Camden Womens 400m.

Season 05/06
1st Dandenong Womens 300m, 1st Mt.Gambier Womens 800m, 1st Wangaratta Open 800m
2nd Mt.Gambier Womens 400m, 2nd Maryborough Womens/Vets 400m, 2nd Ballarat Frontmarkers 400m, 2nd Noble Park 400m, 2nd Burramine Womens 400m.
3rd Ringwood Open 800m.

Season 06/07
1st Queenbeyan Open 1000m, 1st Keilor Womens 800m.

Season 07/08
1st VRTA Open 550m, 1st Sandringham Open 70m, 1st Ballarat Womens 120m, 1st Stawell Womens 400m.
2nd Casey Womens 120m, 2nd Daylesford 70m Open, 2nd Daylesford Womens 400m, 2nd Bendigo Womens 400m,
3rd Northcote Womens 100m, 3rd Bay Sheffield Womens 550m, 3rd Rye Womens 400m, 3rd Ringwood Womens 100m, 3rd Ringwood Open 400m Gift, 3rd Keilor Womens 120m.
Voted as "Female Individual outstanding performance of the year" - Stawell Womens 400m.
Voted as "VRTA Female Athlete of the Year".
Voted as "AAC Female Athlete of the Year".

Season 08/09
1st Bay Sheffield 550m Womens,  1st St.Albans 120m Womens,
2nd Northcote Womens/Veterans 100m, 
3rd VRTA Womens 400m, 3rd Keilor Womens 120m,

Season 09/10
1st VRTA 200m Womens, 1st Rye Open 800m, 1st Ringwood Womens 400m, 1st Cranbourne Trios Womens 400m,
2nd Ringwood Womens 800m, 2nd Stawell Womens 800m,
3rd Peninsula 120m Womens, 3rd Peninsula 400m Womens, 3rd Keilor Womens 400m, 3rd Noble Park Womens 120m, 3rd Bendigo Womens 120m, 3rd Bendigo Open 70m, 3rd Cranbourne Trios 120m Womens,

Season 10/11
1st Peninsula 300m Womens/Veterans, 1st Rye 120m Womens Gift, 1st Ringwood Open 70m, 1st Stawell 400m Womens,
2nd VRTA 200m Womens, 2nd Stawell 800m Womens,
3rd Northcote 300m Womens/Veterans, 3rd Rye 400m Womens,

Season 11/12
1st VRTA Open 550m,
2nd VRTA 200m Womens, 2nd Bay Sheffield Womens 70m, 2nd Ringwood Open 70m, 2nd Avondale Heights 400m Womens,
3rd Ringwood 100m Womens, 3rd Albury 120m Womens,

 Season 12/13

1st RIngwood 800m Women, 1st Bendigo 800m Frontmarkers

3rd Ballarat 800m Frontmarkers

Season 13/14

2nd Bay Sheffield 550m Women's

3rd Warragul 400m Womens, 3rd Bendigo 120m Women's, 3rd Bendigo 400m Women's


Last Updated ( Monday, 13 March 2017 )
Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Cara White PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Monday, 25 August 2008

Cara is predominantly a 400m runner, however she can run a fairly good 200m aswell. Despite being a 400m runner her 100m speed has continued to improve, yet it still isn't her forte.  She has resumed competition in the 400m hurdles where she has made National Finals and also won the Victorian Title.

She is a member of the Ringwood Athletic Club.

 Cara at Stawell 2007/2008.

Pro debut : 2/12/2001 at Strath Creek in the 70m Womens.

Her achievements include :

Season 01/02
1st Ballarat U/21 & Novice 300m

Season 02/03
1st Moonee Valley Womens 300m.

Season 03/04
1st Zatopek Open 400m,

2nd Devonport Womens 400m, 2nd Burnie Womens 400m

Season 04/05
1st Camden Womens 120m, 1st Camden Womens 400m.
2nd Wangaratta Open 400m, 2nd Ringwood Open 400m Gift, 2nd VRTA Womens 400m, 2nd Burnie Womens 400m.
3rd Essendon Womens 120m, 3rd Rye Womens 400, 3rd Devonport Womens 400m Gift.
Voted as athlete of meet at "Camden".

Season 05/06
1st Burnie Womens 400m, 1st Rye Womens 120m Gift, 1st Wangaratta Womens 400m, 1st Heidelberg Womens 400m.
2nd Devonport Womens 400m Gift, 2nd Noble Park Womens 120m.
3rd VRTA Womens 400m, 3rd Mt.Gambier Womens 400m, 3rd Devonport Womens 200m, 3rd Hobart Womens 300m, 3rd Burramine Womens 100m.
Voted as AAC Female Athlete of the Year.

Runner Up in Stawell Fashions on the Field.

Season 06/07
1st Devonport Womens 200m, 1st Ringwood Open 400m Gift.
2nd Rye Womens 120m, 2nd Ballarat Womens 120m,
3rd Maryborough Womens 120m.

Voted as "Female Individual Outstanding Performance of the Year" - Ringwood Open 400m Gift.

Season 07/08
2nd VRTA Womens 400m, 2nd Lithgow Womens 200m, 2nd Stawell Womens 400m.

Season 09/10

2nd Burramine Womens 100m,  

3rd Melbourne Womens 400m, 3rd Euroa Womens 120m,


Season 2012/2013

1st Stawell Fashions on the Field

Last Updated ( Friday, 06 June 2014 )
Profile - Katie Moore PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Monday, 25 August 2008
Profile - Katie Moore
Last Updated ( Monday, 13 March 2017 )
Welcome to Team Fiedler! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Saturday, 12 June 2004
Team Fiedler Logo
Members from "Team Fiedler" predominantly compete for the Ringwood Athletic Club in amateur competition, however members are encouraged to retain their original club. Team Fiedler has had representatives from Box Hill, Williamstown, Sandringham, Melbourne University, Doncaster, Diamond Valley, Essendon, Croydon, Mentone, and North West (TAS). Team members are encouraged to compete in both amateur and professional racing. It is believed that both are a fundamental aspect to an athletes development and preparation.



Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 May 2015 )
Profile - Anne Fiedler. (nee - Fearnley). PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Anne's Profile

Last Updated ( Monday, 17 April 2017 )
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