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Wednesday, 24 April 2019
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Record Holder - N.Antonino 10 (2017/2018)

2017/2018 Title Holder - N.Antonino 10


Season 2018/2019 Spanner Club -

N.Antonino - 8

E.Harriss - 2

M.Chimenton - 1 

Kasey Moore - 1

M.Punchehewa - 1 

L.Mitchell - 1 




Former Athlete Profile - (Retired) Celia Cosgriff PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Monday, 25 August 2008

Celia joined the team at the completion of season 03/04 after being disgruntled with her training program at Melbourne University.  She had close ties with her former Geelong Coach Mandy Cole who recommended that she join Nick Fiedler.  She joined the team with no requirement to change clubs and continued to run for Melbourne University. Eventually she came disgrunteled with Melbourne UNiversity and changed clubs to join Ringwood Athletic Club.

She made her pro debut at Essendon in the Womens 100m despite being a 800m and 1500m runner. 

She has a close bond with some of the Geelong distance runners, such as Graham Watkins and Mark Boxer because that was her home town, and she sometimes completes training sessions in Geelong or Ballarat where her parents now live.

She had dramatic improvement over 400m in season 06/07 finding winning from from a mark she previously couldn't make finals from.

She is versatile and has even won bronze medals in the Victorian CAhmpionships in the 400m Hurdles and Mile.

Celia suffered a bad break to a bone near her knee when hurdling in season 2009/2010 and missed the majority of the season.

Pro Debut : Season 04/05 Essendon Womens 120m.

 Celia in the 2008 Womens 400m at Burramine.




Season 17/18


2nd 2nd Keilor 800m,

3rd VRTA Whittlesea Open 550m, 3rd Wangaratta 800m



Season 15/16 :

1st : Rye 120m Women's Gift,  1st Wangaratta Open 800m,

2nd : Albury 120m Women's, Daylesford 400m Women's,

3rd : Maryborough 400m Women'sWomen's, Bendigo 400m Womens.


Season 14/15 :

1st : Albury 800m Open,

2nd : Daylesford 100m Women's, Rye 800m, Wangaratta 800m, Ringwood 300m Women's

3rd : Bay Sheffield 550m women's, Maryborough 800m, Daylesford 400m Women's, Albury 300m Womens/Vets, Keilor 1600m, Geelong 550m,


Season 13/14 :

1st  : 1st Northcote 400m Open, 1st Wangaratta Women's 400m, 1st Ballarat 120m Women's Gift, 1st Ringwood 1600m Open,  1st Stawell 400m Women's

2nd : Albury 120m Women's Gift, 2nd Trinity 300m Women's/Veterans, 2nd Stawell 1600m Women's/Veterans.


3rd  : Bay Sheffield 550m Women, Devonport 1600m Women, Rye 120m Women's Gift, 3rd Stawell 800m Women's.

VRTA Female Athlete of the Year 



Season 12/13 :

1st : VRTA Womens 200m,

2nd : Rye 400m Womens  


Season 2010/2011 :

1st : Northcote Womens 800m,  

2nd : Camden Consolation Womens 400m,

3rd : Mt Gambier Womens 400m, Maryborough 400m Womens, Wangaratta 400m Womens, St Albans 120m Womens,

Season 09/10 :

2nd : Melbourne Womens 800m,  

Season 08/09 :

1st  : VRTA Open 550m, Mt. Gambier Womens 800m, Rye Womens 400m, Ballarat Frontmarkers 800m. Keilor Womens 120m, Burramine Womens 400m,
2nd : Melbourne Womens 800m, Nortchote Open 800m, Bay Sheffield 1600m Womens, Marybourough 400m Womens, St.Albans 300m Womens,
3rd : Rye Open 800m, Camden Consolation 400m Womens.

VRTA Female Athlete of the Year.

Season 07/08 :

1st : Casey Open 800m, Daylesford Womens 400m,
2nd : Dandenong 550m Open, Mt.Gambier 1600m Open "B", Mt.Gambier Womens 400m,
3rd : Cranbourne Womens 400m, Casey Womens 400m, Mt.Gambier Womens 800m, Zatopek Open 400m.

Season 06/07 :
1st  : Rye 1600m Frontmarkers, Ringwood Womens 400m, Bendigo Womens/Veterans 1600m,
2nd : Northcote 1600m Novice.
3rd : VRTA Womens 400m.

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