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Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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2017/2018 Season Results.
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Training resumes on Monday 3rd June at 5.45pm at Ringwood. Warming up together.

All athletes to do 2 x sessions of 30mins exercise (any) in the 2 weesk prior to resumption.

Athletes wishing to maintain some condition during break are permitted to do 2x light sessions (1x light weights/conditioning and 1x light running). 


2018/2019 Season Results. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Friday, 12 September 2008

2018/2019 Season Results -

1st - 7

2nd - 13

3rd - 14


Other Finalists - 83




1st - N.Antonino (Warrnambool 120m U/18), C.Hurley (Marysville 100m U/18 Girls), M.Chimenton (Bay Sheffield 800m Novice), R.Lugo (Maryborough 120m Gift), N.Antonino, L.Mitchell, H.Kerr, E.Ware (Ballarat 4x200m), K.Kardakovski (Geelong 100m Gift), N.Antonino (Ringwood 70m)


2nd - R.Lugo (Warrnambool 120m Gift), R.Lugo (Waverley 100m Gift), R.Lugo (Bay Sheffield 120m Gift), K.Kardakovski (Daylesford 100m Gift), K.McDonough (Daylesford 400m Womens), E.Hariss (Rye 120m U/14), S.Stokes (Parkdale 300m U/18), E.Ware (Geelong 100m Gift), R.Lugo (Berwick 70m), R.Lugo (Ringwood 70m), K.Kardakovski (Ringwood 100m), N.Antonino (Stawell 70m), J.Lugo (Stawell 100m Restricted)


3rd - L.Mitchell (Maryborough 200m), I.Antoino (Daylesford 400m Restricted), L.Mitchell (Daylesford 400m), E.Ware (Frankston 300m), E.Harris (St Albans 120m U/14), N.Antonino (Wangaratta 70m U/18), N.Antonino (Wangaratta 70m), M.Chimenton (Wangaratta 800m), K.Kardakovski (Keillor 120m Gift), H.Kerr (Keillor 70m Skins), C.Anderson (Bendigo 1600m Frontmarkers), L.Mitchell (Berwick 70m), S.McKenzie (Berwick 120m Masters), L.Mitchell (Ringwood 100m)


Other Finalists - N.Antonino (Hastings 70m), N.Antonino (Hastings 120m U/18), M.Punchihewa (Hastings 120m Gift), N.Antonino (Meadowglen 70m), K.Moore (Meadowglen 100m Women), I.Antonino (Meadowglen 400m Restricted), S.Stokes (Meadowglen 800m U/18), C.Hurley (Meadowglen 800m U/18), N.Antonino (Warrnambool 70m), M.Chimenton (Warrnambool 550m), R.Lugo (Terang 120m Gift), M.Puchehewa (Waverley 70m), N.Antonino (Waverley 70m), M.Punchehewa (Waverley 100m Gift), M.Chimenton (Marysville 800m), M.Chimenton (Marysville 400m), C.Hurley (Marysville U/18 300m), K.Moore (Marysville 400m Women), R.Crisp (Marysville 400m Women), A.Platten (Marysville 400m Women), N.Antonino (Bay Sheffield 70m), N.Antonino (Bay Sheffield 120m Restricted), N.Antonino (Bay Sheffield U/18 Boys 120m), N.Antonino (Maryborough 70m), I.Antonino (Maryborough 400m Restricted), K.McDonough (Maryborough 400m Womens), N.Antonino (Castlemaine 70m), L.Mitchell (Castlemaine 70m), R.Crisp (Castlemaine 120m U/18 Girls), M.Chimenton (Castlemaine 800m), I.Antonino (Castlemaine 400m Restricted), N.Antonino (Daylesford 70m), E.Ware (Daylesford 100m Gift), R.Lugo (Rye 70m), H.Kerr (Rye 120m Gift), N.Antonino (Rye 120m U/18 Boys), N.Antonino (Frankston 100m U/18 Boys), Shane McKenzie (Frankston 100m Masters), N.Antonino (Frankston 70m Gift), R.Crisp (Frankston 800m Womens), M.Chimenton (St Albans 800m), R.Crisp (St Albans 300m U/18), L.Mitchell (Wangaratta 70m), K.Kardakovski (Wangaratta 70m), H.Kerr (Wangaratta 120m Gift), I.Antonino (Wangaratta 400m Restricted), E.Hariss (Maribyrnong 120m U/14), R.Crisp (Maribyrnong 120m U/18 Girls), J.Lugo (Maribyrnong 120m Restricted), E.Ware (Maribyrnong 300m), M.Chimenton (Parkdale 800m), M.Chimenton (Parkdale 400m), K.Kardakovski (Parkdale 120m Gift), E.Ware (Parkdale 120m Gift), R.Crisp (Parkdale 800m Women's), M.Chimenton (Ballarat 800m), K.Kardakovski (Ballarat 70m), K.Kardakovski (Ballarat 120m Gift), H.Kerr (Ballarat 120m Gift), S.McKenzie (Ballarat 300m Masters), H.Kerr (Keillor 400m), N.Antonino (Keillor 70m), S.McKenzie (Keillor 300m Masters), R.Lugo (Geelong 70m), R.Lugo (Bendigo 70m), K.Kardakovski (Bendigo 120m Gift), N.Antonino ( Berwick 70m), M.Punchihewa (Berwick 70m), K.Kardakovski (Berwick 120m Gift), L.Mitchell (Berwick 120m Gift), M.Chimenton (Berwick 550m), R.Crisp (Ringwood U/18 70m), R.Crisp (Ringwood 300m Women's), L.Mitchell (Ringwood 70m), R.Crisp (Stawell 100m U/18 Girls), A.Platten (Stawell 800m Womens), C.Hurley (Stawell 800m Womens), C.Anderson (Stawell 1600m Frontmarkers), R.Lugo (Stawell 70m), M.Chimenton (Stawell 550m), M.Chimenton (Stawell 800m), S.Stokes (Stawell 1600m Restricted), K.McDonough (Stawell 400m Womens), S.McKenzie (Stawell 300m Masters)



Other -


Silver - S.Meerwald (Victorian Championship U/18 Girls 400m Hurdles)

5th - E.Harris (Victorian Championship U/15 Girls 200m Hurdles)

10th - N.Antonino (Victorian Championship U/20 Boys 200m)

12th - N.Antonino (Victorian Championship U/20 Boys 400m)

12th - R.Crisp (Victorian Championship U/18 Girls 400m) 

1st - E.Fiedler (Marysville 100m LAs)

2nd - E.Fiedler (Marysville 400m LAs)

4th - W.Naismith (Marysville 400m LAs)

4th - E.Fiedler (Marysville 800m LAs)

8th - B.Fiedler (Marysville 800m LAs)

1st - E.Fiedler (Rye Junior U/9 Girls Gift)

6th - S.Stokes (Stawell LAs 400m)

Gold - E.Fiedler (Victorian Championship LA's U/9 Girls 70m)

Gold - E.Fiedler (Victorian Championship LA's U/9 Girls 200m)

Silver - E.Fiedler (Victorian Championship LA's U/9 Girls 100m)

Silver - H.Anderson (Victorian Championship LA's U/13 Boys 1500m)

5th - H.Anderson (Victorian Championship LA's U/13 Boys 400m)

6th - H.Anderson (Victorian Championship LA's U/13 Boys 800m)

Bronze - B.Atcheson (Victorian Championship LA's U/12 Boys 800m)

5th - B.Atcheson (Victorian Championship LA's U/12 Boys 1500m)

6th - B.Atcheson (victorian Championship LA's U/12 Boys 400m)

16th - E.Harris (Victorian Championship LA's U/14 Girsl 80m Hurdles)

12th - E.Harris (Victorian Championship LA's U/14 Girsl 200m Hurdles)

Silver - EMR U/11 Girls Medley (E.Fiedler, W.Naismith)

Silver -EMR U/9 Mixed 4x200m (E.Fiedler, W.Naismith) 

9th - E.Fiedler, W.Naismith 4x100m U/9 Girls Victorian Chamionship 

Bronze - E.Fiedler (LA's U/9 Girls Victorian Multi Event Pentathlon)

1st - E.Fiedler (Ballarat Junior u/9 - u/11 100m Gift)

7th - E.Fiedler (Ballarat Junior u/9 - u/11 400m)

4th - B.Fiedler (Ballarat Junior u/6 - u/8 100m Gift)

4th - B.Fiedler (Ballarat Junior u/6 - u/8 200m)

Gold - E.Fiedler (LA’s U/9 Girls EMR 200m)

Silver - E.Fiedler (LA’s U/9 Girls EMR 70m) 

Gold - E.Fiedler(LA’s U/9 Girls EMR 100m)

Bronze -  E.Fiedler (LA’s U/9 Girls EMR 400m)

5th - S.McKenzie (Australian Masters 200m)

12th - K.Green (Australian Masters 100m)



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