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Sunday, 19 September 2021
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2017/2018 Season Results.
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Record Holder - N.Antonino 10 (2017/2018)



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2020/2021 Season Results. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Friday, 12 September 2008

2020/2021 Season Results -

1st - 20

2nd - 20

3rd - 18


Other Finalists - 74




1st - C.Ware (Wangaratta 120m Women’s), E. Ware (Maribyrnong 120m Gift), C.Ware (Waverley 400m Womens), H.Kerr (Waverley 400m), S.Stokes (Castlemaine 120m U/18 Girls), C.Ware (Ballarat 300m Womens), J.Lacey, E.Ware, N.Antonino, D.Paull (Ballarat 4x200m Relay), E.Ware (Hastings 70m), E.Ware (Hastings 300m), D.Paull (Docklands 70m), D.Paull (Docklands 100m Gift), I.Antonino (Docklands 100m Women’s Gift), N.Callanan (Docklands 1600m Restricted), L.Mitchell (Ringwood 100m), C.Yorke (Ringwood 400m Gift), S.Stokes (Stawell 800m Women’s), J.Lugo (Stawell 100m Restricted), J.Lugo (Stawell 70m), E.Ware (Stawell 200m), E.Ware (Stawell 120m Gift)


2nd - D. Paull (VRTA 70m), A.Platten (VRTA 300m Masters), D.Paull (Warrnambool 70m), H. Kerr (Geelong 100m Gift), C.Ware (Geelong 100m Women’s Gift), I. Antonino (Wangaratta 400m Restricted), C.Ware (Maribyrnong 300m Womens), K.McDonough (Waverley Womens 400m), D.Paull (Ballarat 120m Gift), K.McDonough (Ballarat 400m Womens), S.Stokes (Ballarat 1600m Women’s/Masters), S.Stokes (Ballarat 300m Womens), N.Antonino (Hastings 70m), H.Kerr (Hastings 120m Gift), S.Stokes (Hastings 300m Women’s), C.Anderson (Hastings 800m), H.Kerr (Docklands 100m Gift), D.Paull (Ringwood 70m), N.Antonino (Stawell 70m), A.Platten (Stawell 800m Women’s)


3rd - N. Antonino (Geelong 70m), N.Antonino (Geelong 100m Gift), C.Ware (Frankston 70m Women’s Gift), I. Antonino (Wangaratta 120m Restricted), N.Antonino (Parkdale 70m), H.Kerr (Parkdale 120m Gift), I.Antonino (Castlemaine 400m Restricted), N.Antonino (Ballarat 70m), I.Antonino (Ballarat 120m Restricted), N.Antonino (Ballarat 120m Gift), D.Paull (Hastings 120m Gift), K.Moore (Docklands 300m Masters), A.Platten (Docklands 800m Women’s), K.Moore (Ringwood 100m Women’s), K.Kardakovski (Ringwood 100m), N.Callanan (Stawell 1600m Restricted), C.Yorke (Stawell 400m Frontmarkers), H.Kerr (Stawell 200m), I.Antonino (Stawell 400m Rrstricted)


Other Finalists - S.Stokes (VRTA 800m U/18), E. Ware (VRTA 70m), I. Antonino (VRTA 400m Restricted), C.Yorke (VRTA 300m Masters), E. Ware (VRTA 200m Gift), N.Antonino (VRTA 200m Gift), E. Ware (Warrnambool 70m), S.Stokes (Geelong 100m U/18), E.Ware (Geelong 70m), E.Ware (Geelong 100m Gift),

R. Crisp (Geelong 800m Open), R.Crisp (Frankston 800m Women’s), I.Antonino (Franston 400m Restructed), N.Callanan (Frankston 400m Restricted), N.Callanan (Frankston 1600m Restricted), L.Yorke (Frankston 800m Women’s), H.Kerr (Frankston 70m Gift), N.Antonino (Wangaratta 70m), S.Stokes (Wangaratta 70m U/18), H.Kerr (Wangaratta 120m Gift), K.McDonough (Wangaratta 400m Womens), K. Moore (Wangaratta 400m Womens), C.Ware (Wangaratta 400m Womens), M.Chimenton (Wangaratta 800m), N.Antonino (Wangaratta 400m), H.Kerr (Maribyrnong 300m), K.Kardakovski (Maribyrnong 120m Gift), S.Stokes (Maribyrnong 300m Womens), J.Lugo (Maribyrnong 70m), J. Lugo (Parkdale 70m), N. Antonino (Parkdale 120m Gift), S.Stokes (Parkdale 300m U/18 girls),  L.Mitchell (Waverley 70m), N.Antonino (Waverley 70m), N.Antonino (Waverley 100m Gift), R.Crisp (Waverley 400m Womens), K.Moore (Waverley 100m Womens), C.Yorke (Waverley 400m), C.Anderson (Waverley 800m), D.Naismith (Waverley 800m), N.Antonino (Castlemaine 70m), N.Antonino (Castlemaine 120m Gift), K.Kardakovski (Castlemaine 120m Gift), K.Moore (Castlemaine 400m Women’s), K.Kardakovski (Warrnambool 120m Gift), E.Ware (Ballarat 70m), K.Moore (Ballarat 300m Masters), I.Antonino (Ballarat 400m Restricted), C.Anderson (Ballarat 800m), L.Mitchell (Hastings 70m), L.Mitchell (Hastings 120m Gift), C.Ware (Hastings 300m Women’s), I.Antonino (Hastings 300m Women’s), N.Antonino (Docklands 100m Gift), S.Stokes (Docklands 100m U/18 Girls), S.Stokes (Docklands 1600m Frontmarkers), R.Crisp (Docklands 1600m Frontmarkers), M.Chimenton (Docklands 800m), R.Crisp (Docklands 800m Women’s), S.Stokes (Ringwood 70m U/18), J.Lacey (Ringwood 70m), J.Lacey (Ringwood 100m), K.Moore (Ringwood 300m Masters), D.Naismith (Ringwood 300m Masters), M.Chimenton (Ringwood 800m), L.Yorke (Ringwood 800m), C.Anderson (Ringwood 1600m), C.Anderson (Stawell 800m), M.Chimenton (Stawell 800m), A.Platten (Stawell 300m Masters), C.Hurley (Stawell 800m Women), K.McDonough (Stawell 400m Women’s), N.Antonino (Stawell 200m), D.Paull (Stawell 120m Gift),  



Other -

Ed Ware - Eric Cumming Memorial Cup (Best Performance over 70m - 200m at Stawell). 

E.Fiedler - 11th U/11 Girls LAVIC State Multis

R.Zozel -  14th U/12 Girls LAVIC State Multis 


Sprinter of the Year - Ed Ware

Athlete of the Year - Ed Ware 

Trainer of the Year - Nick Fiedler

Masters Performance of the Year - Cam Yorke. 


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