Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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Record Holder - N.Antonino 10 (2017/2018)

2017/2018 Title Holder - N.Antonino 10


Season 2018/2019 Spanner Club -

N.Antonino - 8

E.Harriss - 2

M.Chimenton - 1 

Kasey Moore - 1

M.Punchehewa - 1 

L.Mitchell - 1 

C.Hurley - 1




Written by Nick Fiedler   
Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Training continually varies for each individual dependant on their event focus and development.   The phasing and peaking model will also vary the training dependant on each athletes goals.

Training will incorporate all aspects of athletics throughout pre-season and season including, but no limited to : accelerations, block work, speed, speed endurance, tempo endurance, lactic capacity, stamina runs, plyometrics, strength and conditioning, olympic lifts, balance, technique, resistance runs, overspeed, steps, hill runs, boxing, etc.

Volumes, maximum, recovery, frequency and reps will vary on the development of each individual.  Training is six days per week in the off season and five during season.  Variations to training days and work loads are provided for certain individuals.

 2008 incline training at Mt.Dandenong brought down the snow.




Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 January 2016 )
Team Overview
Written by Nick Fiedler   
Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Members from "Team Fiedler" predominantly compete for the Ringwood Athletic Club in amateur competition, however members are encouraged to retain their original club. Team Fiedler has had representatives from Box Hill, Williamstown, Sandringham, Melbourne University, Doncaster, Diamond Valley, Croydon, Essendon, and North West (TAS).  Team members are encouraged to compete in both amateur and professional racing.  It is believed that both are a fundamental aspect to an athletes development and preparation.

The teams training base is at Proclamation Park in Ringwood, however training sessions do frequently move from location to location to facilitate a desired training outcome.  Alternate training locations include Lilydale Lake, the Tan Track, Gosches Paddock, Ferny Creek Steps, Princes Park, Mt.Evelyn Hills and track, Olympic Park, Croydon Track, Doncaster Track and Williamstown Track.

Each athletes commitment, age, and development will vary their training and racing frequency, it's intensity and it's focus.  Training is tailored for each individual and they do not always train as one large group.  This is particularly important for athletes of varying age, sex, event type, and event development.  Training generally involves Speed Drills, Technique Drills, Trackwork (Speed, Speed Endurance, Tempo Endurance), Overspeed, Resistance Runs, Stamina Runs, Conditioning weights and body exercises, Olympic Lifts, Plyometrics, Boxing, and a combination thereof.

The team members are very team oriented and enjoy each others success and improvement as much as their own.  The team spirit and social interaction amongst the team is outstanding.

The teams origins commenced in 92/93 when Nick Fiedler commenced coaching Anne Fearnley.  The next to join the team a few years later were Katie Moore and Kimberley Meagher.  Others have since joined the team and embraced the initial team culture that was created amongst these four individuals.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 01 July 2010 )
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